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Hello! My name is Cheung-Lo 張佬!

aka journal


The original concept

A few years ago, I tried my very best, despite the chaotic schedule, to ensure my daughter was connected to Cantonese learning in some way.  Because Cantonese matters to me.

But we switched back to English when we wanted to emotionally connect.  When we do this, what kind of messages are we sending to our child?  How do we encourage our child to love and learn Cantonese when it is not even connected to our hearts?

This is how the concept of "The Story of Us" was born.

What exactly is this journal?

This is an interactive journal designed to nurture emotional connections between adults and children through engaging conversations and creative expression.  With an emphasis on fostering high-quality interactions, this journal helps overcome communication barriers and strengthens the adult-child bond.

Inside this journal:

You'll find enjoyable drawing and writing prompts that encourage doodling, writing, and comparing perspectives.  Additionally, thought-provoking questions open up meaningful conversations, along with conversations scripts, positive affirmations, and game ideas to further enrich the experience.

Journal Details:

Format: Shared keepsake journal for grown-ups and children aged 5+
Language: Cantonese, Jyutping (romanization system for Cantonese), and English
Pages: 121 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Cover: Soft cover with dust jacket

And there is more!

This journal serves as a valuable tool for empowering children with essential social-emotional skills such as gratitude, confidence, and resilience.  Moreover, it doubles as a cherished keepsake, allowing adults to revisit previous moments shared with their now-grown children.

Get your hands on this journal and build your own Cantonese Parenting toolbox now!  

About the authors

Get to know us a little better

Learn about Jyutping


Listen to our co-author Larent's Cantonese radio interview about Journal

Why is our Journal called "The story of Us"?

We hope that, through the careful choice of question prompts in the journal, as you document your story, you are also shaping it. You have the power to change the course of your old story and rewrite new, supportive narratives for yourself and your children. 

We need more Cantonese parenting books like this! I appreciate all the thoughtful activities and conversation prompts that will help you and your child emotionally connect and to teach them emotional literacy. I am actually not a parent, but find this book useful in my line of work in Social Services and in working with children/parents from the Cantonese speaking community!

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